Essential Burke and hare

Edinburgh’s Dark Side

Find out everything about Edinburgh’s most famous murderers.
From their last victim Margaret Docherty to the whereabouts of William Hare

Edinburgh Minature Coffins National Museum Scotland
National Museum of Scotland

Discover the Mystery Behind Edinburgh’s Minature Coffins, found At The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Are they to remember sailors lost at sea or something more sinister? Remembering Burke and Hare’s Victims perhaps? Why Don’t You Decide?

Suzie Lennox Body Snatching

Suzie Lennox

I’m Suzie, a body snatching historian and solo traveller with a passion for Scotland’s darker travel destinations.

Join me as I visit Scotland’s spookier locations & conquor my fear of ghosts on the odd ghost tour or two

More About Me

My Favourite Graveyards Shots to Keep you inspired

I love nothing more than heading off on my own and exploring some of Scotland’s more remote graveyards or macabre destinations. You know the type, where no one goes and you can have the whole place to yourself. Well, apart from any spooky happenings of course, but I try not to think about stuff like that!

I’m not the best photographer, but I do like sharing my work to inspire you to get out and about to those lesser-known locations. As I travel more and try to beat my fear of bumping into a ghost, I hope you’ll join me in my adventures and maybe find some inspiration for your own road trips.